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    Celebrating 40 years with Terry McVey



    There's something to be said about 40 years of service.20150415 121601 resized 600

    We are fortunate to have the skills, insights, and dedication of Terry McVey for the past 40 years!

    Terry is our Production Manager, he's responsible for overseeing the production of thousands of Thin Layer Chromatography Plates every week.

    Terry is an active volunteer for a variety of community organizations and a great example for all of us.20150415 120725 resized 600

    Here's Terry talking about being here for 40 years: 

    Arablab 2015 recap video


    This was our third year attending Arablab, and for the third time we had the privilege of talking with chemists, business leaders, and government officials from around the world about chromatography.

    We were honored to share a booth with other great companies like B&W Tek, SMT, and GS Tek, and to have the support of the State of Delaware for this show.

    Here's a recap of our experiences in Dubai:

    Pittcon 2015 recap


    Once again, Pittcon was great - from meeting new friends to reconnecting with old friends to sharing our interests in chromatography - New Orleans provided a great space for us to connect.

    Here's a brief look at our time in the Crecent City:


    Preparing for Arablab 2015


    This will be our third time going to Arablab, one of the largest laboratory equipment trade shows in the world.

    We'll be joined by GS Tek, B&W Tek, and Separations Methods Technology at the Global Delaware Stand #104.

    Here's a look at a recent planning meeting with the group:

    If you're coming to Arablab, please stop by and see us.

    Arablab 2015 logo resized 600


    Preparing for Pittcon 2015


    Pittcon is the single largest U.S. Conference for Separation Science. We are looking forward to another great time of connecting with colleagues and getting to know new friends in the field of chromatography.

    Last year, we introduced everyone to the SpotOn device:

    This year we just might have a new device to share at booth 1328 - stay tuned!


    New Chromatography website launched


    Only U.S.- based Thin Layer Chromatography Plate manufacturer launches new site

    NEWARK, DE - iChromatography/Analtech, the only U.S.-based manufacturer of Thin Layer Chromatography Plates, started 2015 with the launch of a new website.

    The new site - iChromatography.com - is designed to help visitors find their chromatography product faster and easier as well as discover new developments in the field of separation science.Screen shot 2015 01 05 at 1.38.17 PM resized 600

    "Since we started more than 50 years ago, we've always been committed to providing not only great products, but the best customer service and information possible to our current and future customers," said Steven C. Miles, General Manager for iChromatography/Analtech. 

    The New site is designed by Custom House and features a state-of-the-art online store with more than 500 varieties of Thin Layer Chromatography Plates, HPLC columns, SPE Cartridges, automation devices, and more.

    "We're proud of the high quality chromatography products and technical assistance we've offered to customers in more than 70 countries over the last 54 years, and we're looking forward to serving more customers in more countries for decades to come," said Miles.


    For our friends in China - 致我们中国的朋友





    The week of May 6-12, 2012, we made our first trip to China as part of the Delaware delegation of business and government leaders from the First State.

    Delaware delegation to China

    The trip was truly amazing and we are excited to work with the people of China to provide high quality chromatography equipment.

    First, here's a look at our video from our week in China:



    当然我们期待继续和你们的交流,无论是工作还是生活的,我们的联系电邮:sales2@analtech.com 。或者也可以通过我们的新浪微博联系我们:http://weibo.com/u/2752720053?wvr=3.6&lf=reg 


    We would also like to continue our conversations through e-mail - sales2@analtech.com - and through our Weibo Page.

    And we would like to introduce our associate in China who is helping us with our translations, Peggy Zou:



    Next, we'd like to offer some information about our company and products:

     china corp profile front resized 600

     china corp profile back resized 600

    china pop tlc front resized 600

    china pop tlc plates back resized 600




    For our friends in Japan - 日本での私たちの友人のために



    Japan1 resized 600

    Japan2 resized 600

    For all Thin Layer Chromatography needs, as well as HPLC columns and visualization.




    NAOSMM 2015 Preview


    describe the image

    The 42nd Annual Conference and Trade Show for the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers will be held in Long Beach, California, July 26 - 31, 2015.

    Here's Elaine and Daniel Guerra to tell us what to expect from the Long Beach area:




    A Great Time at NAOSMM 2014 in Indianapolis


    The 41st Annual Conference and Trade Show for the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers in Indianapolis was a huge success!NAOSMM 2014

    From a discussion with Henry Ford to learning about vanishing art work to learning about safety with lasers, cryogenics, and radiation - this conference had it all. We also got to enjoy many of the charms of Indianapolis - a great city with awesome people.

    Here's a brief look at the 2014 NAOSMM Conferece:



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